Vodka and Entrepreneurship – Matt Levitt Shares How to Position Yourself in an Over Saturated Market

The Raving team gives an emphatic welcome to local entrepreneur Matt Levitt, Founder and CEO of Tahoe Blue Vodka. In his session, we will delve into the fascinating story of Tahoe Blue, a vodka brand that has managed to stand out in the highly competitive world of spirits, specifically within the vodka category.

This session is perfect for marketers who want to learn about entrepreneurship, overcoming competition in a saturated market, and creating a powerful marketing position around being a socially responsible brand. So, let’s get ready to be inspired by Tahoe Blue’s success story! View the Agenda

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Matt Levitt was born and raised in Maryland just outside of DC. After finishing his undergrad business degree, Matt headed out to explore the country from the driver’s seat of an old Ford conversion van. Several months into that round-trip-turned-one-way excursion, Matt stumbled into Tahoe on a perfectly blue June afternoon and immediately fell in love with the clean air, Caribbean colored water, and outdoor lifestyle that Tahoe had to offer.

Matt went back to school at UNR to pursue an MBA, and a few years later dreamt up Tahoe Blue Vodka: A vodka that not only captures the essence of Tahoe’s clear, blue waters but embodies that lifestyle and vibe that make the area so extraordinary.The company has come a long way in 10 years and keeps him plenty busy. When he’s not working, Matt enjoys snow- & wakeboarding, running, hiking, boating & beaching on Tahoe’s sandy shores and snowy mountains, as well as spending time with his 3 daughters.”